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Neal Cassady's friend William S. Burroughs once remarked: "There is no line between the 'real world' and the world of myth and symbol." For Neal's wife Carolyn and the family from which he hastily departed on many occasions, that quote could not ring truer. This cinematic documentary, as graceful as Carolyn herself, gives the stage to an unconventional tale of the great woman behind a great man, and the inescapable imprint left on those he loved. A fugitive of family life, Neal opted out of the provincial style for the life of a legend—joining the ranks of the Beatnik elite with close pal Jack Kerouac while Carolyn worked days and nights to provide for their children.

When found interesting enough, history becomes myth. And the present is often disregarded as the poor man's yesterday. For posterity, Neal Cassady has his spot inevitably reserved. But Carolyn—a woman not unlike any other woman, but remarkable just the same—is much more than a footnote. Sculpting an earnest and deserving tribute to one of literature's overlooked muses, first-time directors Maria Ramström and Malin Korkeasalo remind us that sometimes the most profound stories are found in the places we'd least expect.

Film Information
Year: 2011
Length: 70 minutes
Language: English
Country: Sweden
Premiere: World
Cast & Credits
Primary Cast: Carolyn Cassady, John Cassady, Cathy Cassady, Jami Cassady
Director: Maria Ramström, Malin Korkeasalo
Screenwriter: Maria Ramström, Malin Korkeasalo
Producer: Margarete Jangård
Editor: Bernhard Winkler, Stefan Sundlöf
Executive Producer: Fredrik Gertten
Composer: Jan Strand
Sound Design: Martin Hennel, Mikael Körner
Post Production Coordinator: Emma Svensson
Press Contacts

Print Source
Emma Svensson
WG Film
Malmö, SE 211 21
Phone: +46.40.781.50

Print Source
Emma Svensson
WG Film
Malmö, SE 211 21
Phone: +46.40.781.50

Special Note

Co-hosted by

Consulate General of Sweden

About the Director(s)
MARIA RAMSTRÖM is a documentary filmmaker from Stockholm. She is currently at work on her second feature doc, Maneuvers in the Dark. MALIN KORKEASALO graduated from Dramatiska Institutet and has worked as a cinematographer on numerous documentaries. Love Always, Carolyn is Maria's and Malin's first feature documentary.


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