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Beth Schacter's directorial debut takes a darkly comic look at the complicated world of precocious teens grappling with sex, relationships and excess. Avoiding the high school party scene of random hookups and “faking it,” Wendy (Amber Tamblyn) and five of her closest friends form a clique that claims a more fluid sexuality and more sustaining relationships. With a seemingly healthy respect for each other's intelligence, unique style, and sense of humor, the six friends pledge to be faithful to their group. Every Saturday night, while peers hang out at big parties, they spend intimate time at home cuddling, reminiscing and having group sex. As Schacter leads us through one of the usual adolescent gatherings filled with drugs and lascivious teenage girls in various states of undress, it becomes clear why Wendy and her friends have created this alienated little universe. But their world is disrupted when Sean (Ashton Holmes) moves in next door and is instantly attracted to Wendy. Seeing the group as a “Greek tragedy waiting to happen,” he urges her to pursue fidelity with him and leave her friends behind. As Wendy ambivalently moves closer to Sean, her girlfriend Billie (Kelli Garner) goes mad with jealousy and fears the group will crumble. Compelled to make a decision, Wendy must come to terms with a host of issues about the impact of her relationships, forcing everyone involved to con- front some uncomfortable truths. Schacter and her magnetic cast deliver a fun, provocative take on teen romance in this modern promiscuous age. A New Line Cinema Release.

Film Information
Year: 2007
Length: 93 minutes
Language: English
Country: USA
Premiere: World
Cast & Credits
About the Director(s)

Writer/director BETH SCHACTER received an M.F.A. in screen- writing in 2004 from Columbia University, where she was a Film Foundation Scholar, and won a Hearst Award winner for outstanding woman filmmaker. She has written for Radar and The Hollywood Reporter, and co-wrote the feature film Forget Me Nots, which premiered at the 2005 Los Angeles Film Festival. Normal Adolescent Behavior will be released later this year by New Line Cinema.


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