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The Original Green Hero! Written and directed by Gumby creator Art Clokey, this movie was extremely popular with children in the mid-'90s. Now, remastered and re-edited, Gumby's back with his band, the Clayboys, in a totally original clay-animation adventure! The beauty of big-eyed Gumby is his zest for life, love for people and respect for everything green. When Gumby finds out that the local farmers are in need of some help, he decides to put on a benefit concert. Upon hearing the music during the show, Gumby's dog Lowbelly cries tears of real pearls. Trouble starts when the bad-guy Blockheads learn about the pearls, and decide to kidnap the precious-teared pup, substituting robot clones first for Lowbelly, then for Gumby and all his pals. In a merry rout, they overcome their own clones and end up starring in a music video which makes enough money for the small farmers to land on their feet. There are trains and planes, fights and knights, thrills and spills! True to all classic Gumby adventures, the action takes us in and out of books, transporting us from toyland to Camelot and even to outer space in a Star Wars-esque spoof. Through it all, Gumby's invincible and totally optimistic personality shines bright. Ages 4+. --Sara Nodjoumi

Film Information
Year: 1995
Length: 80 minutes
Language: English
Country: USA
Premiere: Unknown
Cast & Credits
About the Director(s)

ART CLOKEY was born Arthur Farrington in Detroit, Michigan, in 1921. At age 12 he was adopted by Joseph Clokey, an organist and music teacher. After WWII Art Clokey studied at several colleges before settling at Hartford Seminary to become an Episcopal priest. There he met Ruth Parkander. The two married and fled to Hollywood to make religious films. Clokey went to the University of Southern California and studied Kinesthetic Film Principles under the legendary Yugoslav filmmaker Slavko Vorkapich. He applied his teacher's montage techniques in Gumbasia, a three-minute clay-animated art film set to jazz. Sam Engel, a 20th Century Fox producer, saw the film and asked Clokey to improve the quality of TV for children. Clokey and his wife came up with Gumby. The show was an instant hit in 1956 and the rest is history. The Clokeys also created and produced the Davey and Goliath stop-motion episodes.


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