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Kiss Me Again is a complex and authentically human film about the limits of free love in the 21st century. Julian (Jeremy London) is a political science professor who lives in Brooklyn with his beautiful wife Chalice (Katheryn Winnick), but when he meets Elena his newest pupil, a seductive, Spanish foreign exchange student, his monogamous mindset starts to unravel. Attraction between the two is painfully obvious; so he follows his utopian dreams and asks Chalice if she'd be open to having a more "open" relationship. The question is sparked by both of them peeking at their roommate and her girlfriend having a threesome with a guy. What Chalice does not know is that Julian already has the third party member in mind. As the plot develops, serious sexual relations ensue under the watchful and envious eye of Julian and Chalice's housemate. As things get more emotional and less carnal, Chalice considers leaving Julian for Elena, who, in turn, is falling for Julian. Meanwhile, Julian is left wondering whether he's a boring straight guy with a lesbian fetish or a man with a truly open mind and heart. In the end, the ultimate lesson learned in this witty and provocative drama is that free love is impossible, even for Brooklyn hipsters.

Film Information
Year: 2006
Length: 103 minutes
Language: English
Country: USA
Premiere: World
Cast & Credits
About the Director(s)

A native New Yorker, William Tyler Smith earned a degree in Political Theory from NYU and went on to make the experimental documentaries Bari-Ellen, Can You Hear Me? and A Voice from the Streets. Soon after, he joined UCLA's graduate filmmaking program, where he directed two shorts, Lloyd, Elise & Jennifer and New York. Interior - Night, both of which screened at festivals internationally. After co-founder of The Doors and film director Ray Manzarek saw New York. Interior - Night, he invited Smith to document his musical collaboration with beat poet Michael McClure, resulting in The Third Mind. The documentary premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and was broadcast on the Sundance Channel. Smith recently completed Imagine a School...Summerhill, which follows the political and legal battle for the survival of England's progressive Summerhill School. He is currently developing various narrative and documentary projects.


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