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  • Release Year: 2010
  • Runtime: 75 minutes
  • Country: (none)
Julian Schnabel, renowned artist and director of Basquiat, Before Night Falls, The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, and Lou Reed's Berlin (TFF '07) will discuss his previous work and show a clip from his new film, Miral, due out this fall. In conversation with Geoff Gilmore, Chief Creative Officer of Tribeca Enterprises. | Read More
With today's quickly evolving technology, choosing the best resources and workflow for your project can be a challenge. Decisions made months prior to principal photography will impact the post-production process, back-end costs, and ultimately, the success of your production. In this case study, Panavision and Merge Creative Media will review the workflow employed on the feature film (Untitled), directed by Jonathan Parker and starring Adam Goldberg and Marley Shelton.

Panelists will explain the process from acquisition on the Panavision Genesis® camera system all the way through the end of the post process. Panelists include Svetlana Cvetko, (Untitled)'s director of photography; Gavin Rosenberg and Jeremy Evans from Merge Creative; and Chris Konash and John Fishburn from Panavision. | Read More
Most directors and cinematographers who shoot on film will tell you that nothing is more satisfying than the sound of the stock running through the camera gate or the sight of light pushed through film at 24 frames per second. But really, it is all about the image and how that image will live on celluloid. Whether they're using 35mm or Super 16mm, filmmakers have a certain aesthetic in mind when they choose to shoot on film.

This discussion features TFF '09 filmmakers Damien Chazelle (Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench), Julio DePietro (The Good Guy), and Bette Gordon (Handsome Harry, Variety), cinematographers Stuart Dryburgh (Oscar®-nominated for The Piano) and Fred Elmes (Blue Velvet, The Ice Storm), and producer and former TFF juror Christine Vachon (Killer Films). Moderated by American Cinematographer's Patricia Thomson. | Read More
With the emergence of innovative strategies such as marketing on Facebook or digitally distributing on YouTube, the old studio-driven business model of film distribution and marketing has been turned on its head. There are now multiple ways that filmmakers can control what happens to their film, so how do they come up with the best formula for success? Does one size fit all?

This panel will explore a number of key marketing and distribution strategies available to both short and feature filmmakers. Panelists include 42West partner Cynthia Swartz, YouTube Entertainment Marketing Manager Sara Pollack, filmmaker and Festival alum Jon Reiss (Bomb It, TFF '07), Oscilloscope Pictures Partner David Fenkel, IFC Films Vice President of Theatrical and Home Entertainment Ryan Werner, and Tribeca Enterprises Chief Creative Officer Geoff Gilmore. Moderated by The Hollywood Reporter's Steven Zeitchik. | Read More
Part of the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival
America's performance-enhancing appetite has never been bigger. And it's not just in professional sports or Hollywood. From high school locker rooms to anti-aging clinics, our nation is embracing steroids and human growth hormones like never before, spurring a furious debate about the ethics of enhancement. Join Christopher Bell, who documented his brothers' struggle to be “the best,” BALCO founder Victor Conte, Jon Romano and Mark Haskins in a provocative discussion about the pitfalls and promise of the asterisk era, and where we go from here. Moderated by Steroid Nation author Shaun Assael. | Read More


  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • Country: USA
Mike Figgis is still considered an “indie” film maverick. He was ahead of the digital filmmaking trend with 2000's Timecode, is a founding patron of the online community Shooting People, and created a stabilizer for digital cameras known as the “Fig Rig.” A world-class director, writer, and composer, Figgis believes that cinema is today's best storytelling medium, and his constant evolution in digital filmmaking challenges the way we experience those stories.

This special Tribeca Talks is hosted by Skillset's Trailblazers program—a showcase for the best and brightest of new British cinema talent. | Read More
If you had the world's attention, what story would you tell? The Tribeca Film Festival joins CNN's Christiane Amanpour and TED Prize-winning filmmaker Jehane Noujaim (Control Room) to discuss the launch of Pangea Day (May 10, 2008), a moment when people all over the world will stop, watch, and listen to each other's stories around the planet's first global campfire. Moderated by TED curator Chris Anderson. | Read More
The challenges facing a writer when translating a literary vision into the blueprint for a cinematic one can be daunting. Is it ever possible to create a movie that the audience will think is better than the book? Panelists include writer/director Julian Kemp (My Last Five Girlfriends, based on Alain de Botton's On Love), Dave Callaham (Tell Tale, based on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart"), and Caroline Bottaro (Queen to Play, adapted from Bertina Henrichs' novel The Chess Player). Moderated by Slate Magazine film critic Dana Stevens. | Read More
The relationship between what is on the page and what is on the screen is the key to the success of any film. What are the challenges when you are the keeper of both flames? Panelists include writers and directors Raymond De Felitta (City Island), Paola Mendoza and Gloria LaMorte (Entre nos), Jac Schaeffer (TiMER), and Conor McPherson (The Eclipse). Moderated by critic and Flavorpill film editor, Lisa Rosman. | Read More
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