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  • Release Year: 2013
  • Runtime: 87 minutes
  • Directed By: Matt Creed
  • Country: USA
Nearing the end of her treatment for breast cancer, Lily focuses on life with newfound clarity, reevaluating her relationship with an older man and her feelings about her long-absent father. In wandering through atmospheric New York City streets and lingering in intimate, charged moments with Lily during this vulnerable period, first-time director Matt Creed and actress Amy Grantham create a mature, stylish character piece reminiscent of classic French New Wave. | Read More


  • Release Year: 2011
  • Runtime: 92 minutes
  • Directed By: Billy Corben
  • Country: USA
As the owner of legendary hotspots like Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium, and Club USA, Peter Gatien was the king of the New York club scene—until years of legal battles led to his eventual deportation to Canada. This exuberant documentary charts Gatien's rise and fall against the transformation of New York City, offering a wild ride through a now-closed chapter in the history of NYC nightlife. From the director of Cocaine Cowboys. | Read More


  • Release Year: 2006
  • Runtime: 9 minutes
  • Country: USA
A rebellious teen is held after class and told to write lines as punishment for misbehavior. When her dorky teacher tries to connect with her and lectures her on the benefits of "fitting in," the teen decides that enough is enough. | Read More
Female Director(s)


  • Release Year: 2008
  • Runtime: 82 minutes
  • Directed By: Meg McLagan and Daria Sommers
  • Country: USA
U.S. policy bars female soldiers from engaging in direct ground combat, so why were the women of Lioness sent out routinely with the marines into the some of the bloodiest counterinsurgency battles of the war? Co-hosted with Human Rights Watch International Film Festival. | Read More
Female Director(s) and Documentary
In the 1940s, carnival promoters looking to boost attendance lured strapping teenage girls from logging camps and farms to join their traveling wrestling shows. Sixty years later, the first ladies of wrestling are still speaking out and kicking butt. This engaging documentary uses interviews, archival footage of classic matches, and B-movie clips to re-create a fabulous, forgotten world. | Read More


  • Release Year: 2012
  • Runtime: 82 minutes
  • Directed By: Beth Murphy
  • Country: USA
After leading rebuilding teams in war-torn cities in Iraq, Kirk Johnson returned to America to establish and advocate for a growing number of Iraqi citizens now targeted by radical militias because they aided the U.S. in the reconstruction effort. TFF alum Beth Murphy (Beyond Belief) creates an affecting portrait of an unlikely but passionate humanitarian who has championed the cause of Iraqi refugees largely ignored by the U.S. government. | Read More
Female Director(s) and Documentary


  • Runtime: 109 minutes
  • Country: USA
Synopsis: A complex, intimate, and highly idiosyncratic comedy, Listen Up Philip is a literary look at the triumph of reality over the human spirit. Anger rages in Philip (Jason Schwartzman) as he awaits the publication of his sure-to-succeed second novel. He feels pushed out of his adopted home city by the constant crowds and noise, a deteriorating relationship with his photographer girlfriend Ashley (Elisabeth Moss), and his indifference to promoting his own work. When Philip’s idol Ike Zimmerman (Jonathan Pryce) offers his isolated summer home as a refuge, he finally gets the peace and quiet to focus on his favorite subject — himself. | Read More
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