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Jonathan Gales, Paul Nicholls and Kibwe Tavares
Coming from an architecture background puts start-up creative studio Factory Fifteen in a unique position to create stunning and remarkably artful shorts that fuse film, architecture, animation, photography, visual effects and production design into a multi-disciplinary approach to storytelling- led by design, rather then script. Their unreal urban designs are inspired by architects like Lebbeus Woods as much as by digital production houses like Blur Studio. Working with budgets both large and small allows them to develop their goal of pushing architectural visualization into more cinematic places. Through a body of work that includes short films like the ambitious JONAH, set in a near future Africa, and CHUPAN CHUPAI, a visually arresting "hack and seek" story set in an imagined Indian metropolis, Factory Fifteen aspire to establish themselves as a destination for high end digital production design. And while the online space appeals to them for its immediacy, reach, and growing status as a valid and respected platform for art, design, and film, they are interested in adapting their work to all formats. Currently at work on a video installation in Dubai, a concept artwork package for a feature film in development, Factory Fifteen is pitching on several advertising jobs and music videos and is looking for funding for an ambitious interactive digital gallery exhibition.
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