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Lena Waithe, Ashley Blaine Featherson, Numa Perrier and Dennis Dortch
Created by Lena Waithe, Ashley Blaine Featherson, Numa Perrier and Dennis Dortch, Hello Cupid follows the adventures of best friends Whitney and Robyn, two very different single women looking for love online. While they cite Cassavetes as an influence, the idea really sprouted from Featherson's personal experiences, and the observation that nothing like Hello Cupid existed in the media depicting real, identifiable African American women. Collaborating on a script with Waithe, they brought their idea to Dortch and Perrier at Black & Sexy TV. The result is Hello Cupid, a romantic comedy that takes on real issues in the African-American community but always anchored in the friendship story of its two lead characters. The collaborators have big plans to expand further within the online space, growing the Black & Sexy brand into a household name through strategic partnerships, multiple properties, and multi-platform development. While early on they worked with the same limited resources as all independent filmmakers, they've found the success of their programming has allowed them to raise quality across the board and invest in equipment, actors, and crews for their most successful shows. Chief among them, Hello Cupid--a smart and funny romantic comedy webseries that exemplifies the potential for the form to imbue entertaining, serialized storylines with intelligent, timely content.
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