“All those dreams you have about getting out of this town and becoming something still seem reachable.” Sheryl Phillips (Allison Janney) became anything but a typical soccer mom after her husband Neil (Dermot Mulroney) left her alone to raise their son, Carson (Chris Colfer), thus shattering her world. Sheryl chooses to isolate herself in her tiny home in Clover, remaining numb with the help of her various prescriptions.

Only her son Carson brings any light into her life, even though he has become equally cynical. However, Carson clings to hope, believing that he can escape from the restrictive environment that Sheryl accepts as the inevitable. Could Sheryl’s attempt to shelter Carson from the cruelties of the outside world prove damaging despite her good intentions? Watch Struck by Lightning in select theaters on January 11 or rent the film now on VOD or digital platforms to find out.

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