When PHHHOTO set up the glowing ring of animation capture that is their GIF-making "booth" at TFF 2013 we had no idea partygoers (like the ones at the ESPN gala) and filmmakers who stopped by our Filmmaker Lounge at the Festival would end up inspired to create over 800 animated gifs to share with their friends, but they did!

You can peruse the results on our Phhhoto page, and if you were on the scene, look for yourself and your friends. Here are a few of our favorite captured moments, which prove that people seemed to catch on pretty quickly that when it comes to this party attraction, the photo-bomb is the way to go:

The Foreground Photobomb

Head-shaking (with photobomb)

Director Tom Berninger rocks out (With Tribeca's own Matt Spangler)

The Gif as Serious Portrait

The Intricately-Planned-Out (We Think?) Party GIF

The Drink

The Kiss

Will Keenan of Picture Show parties with postcards

And a Fave: It's All About the Background

(To set up a PHHHOTO booth at your party, head over to their website.)