Sal Mineo was a talented but troubled Hollywood star whose death was as notorious as his life. As a successful teen actor, Mineo starred with James Dean in movies like Rebel Without a Cause and Giant. As an adult, Mineo became one of the first Hollywood stars to publicly acknowledge his homosexuality as he tried to revitalize his flagging career. After playing bit parts on televisions and in B movies for most of the 1960s, Mineo had accepted a role in an exciting new play just before he was murdered outside his apartment in 1976.James Franco’s Sal chronicles the events of the last day in the actor’s life leading up to his untimely death. Following Mineo from rehearsals to discussions about business deals to intimate conversations with friends, the film provides a touching portrait of the tragic and talented Hollywood icon. Sal hits VOD and digital platforms on October 22nd, followed by a limited theatrical release on November 1.