The Bag Man: John Cusack and Robert De Niro star in this crime-thriller about a man awaiting his boss' instructions in a dangerous motel. When things go awry, he must decide where his loyalties lie. 

The Lunchbox: Feeling himself sinking into complacency and routine, Saajan is looking for something to inspire his life. When he mistakenly gets another man's lunch, he finds the rescue he needs in Ila's vibrant food and personal letters.

Stalingrad: During the bloody battle of Stalingrad, soldiers band together to protect what matters most; their home and their people.

Repentance: Anthony Mackie and Forest Whitaker star in this thriller about a best-selling author trying to help a deranged fan in the Louisiana bayou. Can he free the man of his afflictions, or will he be consumed by the evil forces driving him?